Stitching People & Science Together

I’m a good listener (and hearer) by default but I’m all about success stories and Stitch Fix has the future all buttoned up. The mash of good people and algorithms earned them nearly $1,000,000,000 in 2017 and they aren’t slowing down.

Dressing for success each day is no joke. Think back to when Mom told you to put on your play clothes after school or put on your church clothes, you did – full comfort and attire that would rise to each occasion! It was important then and equally important now. The workplace knows and like it or not at least consider neat, clean and orderly for your work wardrobe. So when an online fashion subscription store comes along to ask you questions that very few brick and mortar stylists bother to ask > mail items to your door > try it on > keep it / send it back, I say > sign me up!

I’ve completed my profile and my order is on its way. I will follow up on another post but invite you to give algo-fashion a try by clicking HERE (yes, I will be awarded a small monetary credit). 

After you’ve really given the system, and the Stitch Fix stylists a chance to dress you, we’d love to hear your experience – wins, lessons and deltas.

Article HERER1803A_HALE.jpg

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