Outlook Calendar – the broken link

Just because you’re in a/your calendar all day long, doesn’t mean you are managing a/your calendar.

I try to understand, to the point of exhaustion, why people don’t leverage the efficiency of Outlook’s calendar automation.

  1. manage your calendar
  2. keep it up to date
  3. look for a mutually agreeable time
  4. send the calendar appointment request
  5. done, next task

If 99% of people have decided this works best, why the outliers?

  • What justification could there be to not use the system as intended?
  • Who told them their way is ok and why? (I’d like to have lunch with that person)
  • Did they inherit a poor habit of bucking the system and are they open to change?
  • Will posting their ‘Show As’ hinder their business?
  • What would happen if they provided an OOO response with complete information for their absence?
  • Why not manage the calendar and adjust/respond to what you are and are not attending?
  • Are there more fruitful ways to spend time getting to know people instead of the back and forth and forth and back negotiating a meeting time?

Please walk me through the mystery of why and how they do this so it makes sense and I can understand. I want to help and I also don’t want to lose my effectiveness.

MS doesn’t want you to be the broken link and we want you on the winning team!


Until then, those who suffer stress from calendar outliers, here is a fun comedy break ~

18 Appropriate Punishments For People Who Don’t Keep Their Calendar Up-to-date.

PS I do not condone any such behavior listed in the article, except #18, because, well, the show must go on!

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