Not a Girl Scout but a scout of a girl!

I am a proud Campfire Girl. Hey, I came from the mid-west to California long ago and that was the thing happening back then – the anti-Girl Scout movement if you will.

Growing up with three sisters and no brothers was estrogen-lopsided for sure but we had the right dad for the job. The take away was always the same, ‘I didn’t need boys when girls can do the same thing and smell way better.’

There was nothing my dad challenged or introduced us to that was ‘gender’ specific – it was a no-holds-bar because he simply liked to do it and we were gonna learn it. This is how I learned to love fishing; baiting, waiting, catching, (beating), filleting and cooking my fish on my own. This is how I learned my way around a hardware store, demonstrating tools and BBQs to shoppers – I still feel at home and kinda giddy when I walk into Home Depot, Lowes or our local family run shop. The list goes on what Dad gifted us – a curiosity to scout out anything of interest and do it.

I’m not a feminist or a libber, I’m me. I’d probably vote for my granddaughter to join Cub Scouts over all else because it is a family based club, not kids and one leader. I want a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman and for both to do their very best as God intended. Are there going to be frustrations, stigmas, and barriers to break down and negotiate? Yes, but please keep in mind you are a man or a woman first, and that’s a good thing to be empowered with šŸ™‚

Enjoy the article on, e’hm, Girl Scouts.


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