I give up

Hook, line and sinker. I take the bait each time a catchy article title comes my way. Today was “13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful” Intriguing! A little minus then a little plus. Yum.

I read all ’13 things’ and this is my short response.

  1. Agree!
  2. Not all Hail Mary’s end in success so plan long
  3. We are all meant to shine
  4. There is no crying in baseball. Ever.
  5. Be a lifelong learner/scholar
  6. Even compounding pennies add up
  7. Fear is my homeboy! (cred – Judi Holler)
  8. Pivot if you must
  9. Um, Serenity Prayer
  10. Communicate
  11. I love Al, in all his wisdom
  12. Haters are gonna hate, hate, hate
  13. It takes practice to know your happy and productive places and the cadence of each one to live a less wasteful life

Talk about the 13 tips in this article with someone you know. We’d love to hear your thoughts and actions!

photo cred | https://unsplash.com/@robsonhmorgan

Oh, and the opener on the definition of hell? I heard another good one of the same nature worth repeating: “Hell is seeing, smelling, hearing everything you love but there is an unbreakable glass between you and it.”

Don’t let this be you – just give it up.


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