About Me

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Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom…….oops, that’s the other blog!

Mom said the combination of having a sweet disposition of a mid-western girl and nutty laid back adventurer of a Californian would make me a very creative professional with a wonderful attitude.

For me, being a professional admin is the best way to showcase my talents. I gratefully inherited a solid work ethic from my dad and mom…….to find a job I enjoy doing and finding the enjoyment in the job I have (or find a new one) – a good cultural fit – in a place where my skills are of value – for a company with integrity and then give your best each day. So far I have been lucky or found that intersection where talent meets opportunity and I have been allowed to soar.

What I love about managing schedules, logistics and travel planning, developing programs and managing projects, education and communication, meeting and event planning is that it is an all-in-one expectation of being an admin yet such a diverse group of individual jobs which keep this position fun and exciting.

I enjoy being part of a team, adding value and connecting the dots for people. I don’t think there is much I cannot do given the time and space to learn and always look forward to the next challenge!

Having 25,000+ hours in this field and another 75,000+ hours in food and beverage, I still feel like I’ve hardly worked a day in my life. But, when I’m out of the office I love all things family, adventurous and fun. Although a gravity magnet, I’m drawn to all things outdoors; hiking, surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, camping and yoga. I’m a passionate foodie, avid image catcher, amateur non-fiction writer and privileged to live in San Diego.

If you’re interested in coffee talk (or to hear more about Mom’s crystal ball or my gravity adventures), please send an email my way! I’d be honored to help you navigate your path!