W I N S | A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S | M O M E N T S O F G E N I U S

How many times have you seen the light at the end of the tunnel and actually wished it wasn’t there just yet?

It’s time for your annual review, where you will be delivering a summary of all the great things you accomplished throughout the year.

Keep your notes in one place and record daily. Accomplishments happen but more than not you will have a Win each day and possibly a Moment of Genius, so record those too.

Find your note place. You may like writing so a Moleskin or Panda book, Freedom Planner or steno notebook would work. Feeling creative? Consider specifying WAM to post-it colors and stick them in your book!

I’m loving OneNote because it’s in the cloud and I can access from any computer or device: I made a custom template for my “Productivity Journal” notebook (daily journal and task lists) which includes a W.A.M. hyperlink which takes me to a dedicated page. (more on this later) I keep a simple three column table and call it good until I need to rally for my next move or raise!

Enjoy and use this chart to concisely speak to your W.A.M.W.A.M.